Havasupai, Arizona

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Havasupai is an amazing place. Nestled in a tributary canyon of the Grand Canyon the small Havasupai Indian village is located near the source of Havasu Creek. Along the creek are Navajo Falls, Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls and Beaver Falls as well as many other small waterfalls along the creek. The creek is full of travertine dams creating pool and drop after pool and drop. The camping in the canyon is limited to around 200 people and that is a comfortable limit. The hike from the road at the top to the campground is 10 miles. It is hot desert hiking and for a small fee the Havasupai Tribe will take packs on horse or mule trains. Riding down or taking a helicopter are other travel options to the village which is approximately 2 miles up the trail from the campground.

Havasu Falls, Havasupai, AZ

Havasu Falls


Navajo Falls, Havasupai, AZ

Navajo Falls

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